Camping on Board: which Operators to choose

Camping aboard the ferry is a particularly popular option for campers. Being able to board your own vehicle on a ship and also save on the cabin price is a great advantage. By now, more and more Shipping Companies are promoting the camping on board formula on their ferries. In this article we will see which are the best shipping companies that offer this service.

What is Camping on Board

First, it is necessary to specify that camping on board is allowed only for campers and caravans and not for cars and other vehicles.

The shipping companies that offer this service allow passengers embarking their RVs/caravans to spend the night in their vehicles. On board one’s camper or caravan, one can spend the sailing period, eat cold or ready-to-eat meals, but cooking or using flames is prohibited.

Camping on Board FerriesThe best solution for those traveling with pets

Camping on board is also a popular option for passengers traveling with their pets. In fact, in one’s camper or caravan, it is also possible to accommodate our 4-legged travel companions, who can then spend the night with their owners.

Which Operators Allow Camping on Board

Although the number of Shipping Companies allowing camping on board is increasing to meet the needs of travelers, not all ferries are equipped for this formula. Below we will publish the list of operators allow camping on board.

  • Moby Lines On ferries on the Piombino – Olbia and Olbia – Piombino route.

  • Grimaldi Lines

    On ferries on the Livorno – Olbia and Olbia – Livorno route.

  • Anek Superfast Ferries

    On the Ancona – Igoumenitsa / Patras – Ancona route and on the Bari – Igoumenitsa / Patras – Bari route.

  • Minoan Lines
    on ferries on the Ancona – Corfu – Igoumenitsa – Patras – Ancona and Bari – Corfu – Igoumenitsa – Patras – Bari routes.

In conclusion, camping on board or camping on board is a travel solution that is becoming increasingly popular. In fact, the main advantage of the ferry over other means of transportation is precisely the ability to board your vehicle and have it available once you arrive at your destination. We have already covered this topic in several posts, if you are interested in boarding your RV on a ferry and taking advantage of camping on board, you might find interesting
this article.

The list of shipping companies offering camping on board is constantly being updated, if you want to stay up-to-date keep following this blog.