Ferries to Santo Domingo: route from Puerto Rico


Santo Domingo is one of the most popular destinations on the Ferryfinder website, the ferry between San Juan and Santo Domingo is the best means of transportation to visit these two destinations while sailing the beautiful Caribbean Sea.

The San Juan – Santo Domingo Ferry

San Juan – Santo Domingo is an average route; the sailing time between these two destinations varies from 3, 4 hours with the fast ships to 8, 12 hours aboard the slower ferries. There is usually one departure per day from both destinations, but ferry schedules vary throughout the year, so it is always worth checking the Ferryfinder website for all the up-to-date details

Caribbean Ferries is the Shipping Company that connects major destinations in the Caribbean and between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. It has a modern fleet of fast ships and ferries that provide frequent and comfortable travel between San Juan and Santo Domingo.

3 Things to do in Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo is a vibrant and modern city of nearly 4 million people, rich in history and natural beauty Once you arrive you are amazed by the history of this place. It is the capital of the Dominican Republic full of breathtaking beaches and ancient riches. The ideal place to combine a beach vacation with cultural interests.

What to do in Santo Domingo? Here is a list of places to visit once you arrive. To visit it is advisable to devote at least a week’s stay, below are the first 3 places in Santo Domingo not to be missed

  1. ferry santo domingoLa Zona Colonial is among the oldest colonial settlements in South America, dating back to the time of Christopher Columbus. Also part of the Ciudad Colonial is the

    Primada de América Cathedral

    , that is, the first Christian Cathedral built in the New World by the first European explorers in 1514.
  2. Macau Beach in Punta Cana. Among the most famous beaches in Santo Domingo are Macao, Uvero alto and Roco Ki. Very long sandy beaches alternating with coral reefs, ideal for divers and snorkeling among the wrecks.
  3. Tower of Colon. The imposing cross-shaped mausoleum that is supposed to contain the mortal remains of the great explorer Christopher Columbus. All of Santo Domingo is influenced by the references of the Genoese navigator and his family, who lived for a long time in this ancient colonial city.

These three explorations are just three of the excursions you can take when you go to Santo Domingo. The city is also full of clubs, bistros, and restaurants, a testament to the vibrant atmosphere in the Dominican Rep.

San Juan de Puerto Rico.

ferries santo domingo  San Juan, on the other hand, is the capital of Puerto Rico, is an ‘important city of 848000 inhabitants located on the northern coast. Every year millions of tourists visit Puerto Rico attracted by the beautiful islands, beaches and history of this paradise on earth. It is also the island’s main port of call, a hub for routes in the Caribbean.

San Juan is also a former colonial city, the second oldest European settlement in South America, after Santo Domingo. These are the first places discovered by Christopher Columbus in his travels, which became the starting point for the colonization of the Americas.Even today, the traces of the prosperous colonial period are well present in the city of San Juan creating a perfect mix of ocean beauty and historical interests.

How to book the ferry from San Juan to Santo Domingo?

The San Juan – Santo Domingo route is one of the most popular in the world. Booking this travel is done in good time by checking the Ferryfinder website for departure times and schedules. The internal search engine will show all travel options to San Domingo at the cheapest price on the market. It only takes a few clicks to purchase your ticket securely and quickly directly from your computer.

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