How to get to Capri?


Visiting this island is an easy dream to realize, it is a small trip suitable for everyone, comfortable and safe. The ferry is the best way to reach Capri, along with the hydrofoil, which is also the fastest.

In this article we will provide all the necessary information and useful tips to navigate the many travel options. Continue reading to learn about routes, shipping companies and ferries to Capri.

The Campanian archipelago

First, let’s start by getting to know the Campania archipelago, a little piece of paradise in the middle of the enchanting Bay of Naples.

Ischia, Capri, Procida, Vivara and Nisida make up the group of so-called Parthenopean islands in the Gulf of Naples.

Ischia is the largest island of the five, comprising as many as 6 municipalities ( Casamicciola, Forio, Lacco Ameno, Serrara Fontana and Barana). Vivara is part of the municipality of nearby Procida, Nisida is part of the municipality of Naples , and Capri contains the municipality of Capri and the municipality of Anacapri.

In addition to these 5 islands there are also several islets or reefs more or less known to tourists that complete the archipelago. (Ischia Castle, San Martino, Gaiola, Castel dell’Ovo and Revigliano)

The island of Capri is probably the most famous of the Neapolitan destinations, although, in truth, the entire Campanian archipelago is worth visiting at least once in a lifetime.

Capri’s stacks, Piazzetta, elegant nightlife, and Capri cuisine are just some of the attractions that characterize this wonderful island. Here we will not expand on describing the beauty of this place, to stay on topic with our purpose of providing information on ferries to Capri.

To find out all the other information about places to visit and activities to do in Capri, we suggest you check out the official website of the
Municipality of Capri
and the other sites dedicated to the island

Ferries to Capri

The island of Capri is located opposite the Sorrento Peninsula just 9 nautical miles (31 km) from the mainland. Very well connected to the mainland, Capri is easily reached by ferry or hydrofoil from many ports in the Metropolitan City of Naples and the coasts of Campania. From the main ports, a ferry leaves for Capri every 15 minutes during peak periods.

ferries to capri

Below is a list of ferries to Capri available on the Ferryfinder website:

  • Naples – Capri
  • Sorrento – Capri
  • Seiano – Capri
  • Positano – Capri
  • Castellammare di Stabia – Capri
  • Amalfi – Capri
  • Minori – Capri
  • Maiori – Capri
  • Salerno – Capri

The main shipping companies operating in the port of Capri include Caremar, Snav, N.L.G. While as for hydrofoils, Alicost, Positano Jet and Laser Capri are active.

*Useful advice: The number of routes and schedules vary throughout the year. The list of companies is also constantly being updated. It is always recommended to check available dates and times on Ferryfinder when making travel arrangements.

Getting to Capri by car (or any other vehicle)

If you plan to go to Capri by car, the only possible solution is to transit through the port of Naples. Only from Naples, in fact, are people allowed to board their vehicles on ferries to Capri. If you are leaving from other ports in Campania, at most, you will be able to take your bicycle with you.

*Useful advice: Read our article
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What is the fastest route to Capri?

The Sorrento – Capri route is absolutely the shortest route. If you are in a hurry or want to get to Capri in the shortest possible time, we recommend taking a hydrofoil from Sorrento, which takes 25 minutes to reach your destination.

How long is the ferry ride to Capri?

Given the short distance from the Gulf of Naples and the coast of Campania all routes are of short duration, although, of course sailing times vary depending on whether one chooses ferry or hydrofoil.

Generally, the Naples ferry takes 1 hour and 20 minutes to reach Capri, or 40 minutes aboard catamarans. From Castellammare di Stabia the ferry ride to Capri takes 50 minutes, from Salerno 2 hours. Even from Positano, Minori/Maiori and Amalfi, ferry times to Capri range from 1 to 2 hours.Aboard hydrofoils and fast ships, times are cut in half.

How much luggage can I take on board the ferries to Capri?

Basically, there are no limitations on the number and weight of carry-on luggage when traveling by ferry. On the other hand, if you choose to board the hydrofoil, you will have to deal with the tape measure and the scale. Generally, the maximum allowed carry-on baggage should weigh 10 kg and have predetermined dimensions. It pays to inquire before you leave.

Capri unique destination, easy and fast to reach by ferry

In conclusion, I hope I have provided some useful tips and the necessary information to reach Capri by ferry. Travel between the most popular destinations in the Campania archipelago is simple, convenient and safe. To avoid stress and mishaps, the last piece of advice I would give is to book all ferry tickets to Capri in advance.

Booking through Ferryfinder is a convenient and secure operation. It only takes a few simple steps to secure ferry tickets to all destinations. The search engine, internal to the site, will show possible travel solutions at the lowest price in the market. All that remains is for you to choose the most convenient option for your needs and pack your bags.