Sicily and Sardinia ferries: the Palermo – Cagliari route


The Cagliari Palermo ferry is a viable alternative to air travel to Sardinia from Sicily . Especially if, once you arrive in Cagliari, you need to move around the island. In fact, the great advantage of the ferry is precisely the ability to board your vehicle and have it available once you get ashore.

Palermo Cagliari Ferry

How to get to Cagliari from Sicily

Thanks to Cagliari Elmas airport a few kilometers from the city center, the Sardinian capital can be reached by air. There are direct flights from Palermo to Cagliari and routes with a stopover. The former, of course, are to be preferred. As already anticipated, however, the need to board one’s car, RV or motorcycle make many travelers prefer the sea crossing aboard ferries or fast ships.

Palermo – Cagliari Ferries

The Palermo – Cagliari route is one of the most popular routes on Ferryfinder. Ferries departing from Palermo, connect Sicily and Sardinia with regular frequency. It takes 10 to 12 hours to reach Cagliari by ferry from Palermo. On board the fast ships, on the other hand, the trip is faster, taking 6 to 8 hours.

The shipping company that operates ferries between Sicily and Sardinia is Grimaldi Lines. However, it is worth mentioning that the Palermo route -. Cagliari undergoes variations in number of trips and frequency, at different times of the year.

Booking Ferries to Cagliari

As with all routes to Sardinia, Sicily and all Mediterranean islands, the Palermo – Cagliari route is a popular one. In the summer period, and during the peak season, available seats sell out quickly, so advance booking is recommended.

This (click here) is the Ferryfinder website page dedicated to the Palermo – Cagliari route complete of all the information needed for booking. The Ferryfinder search engine, connected in real time with shipping company databases, can show all available routes, schedules and best prices including offers.

As for resident discounts, these are calculated directly at the time of ticket purchase by showing ID proving residency.