Batam destination: ferries from Singapore


Batam is a favorite location for travelers visiting Indonesia. Located a few miles from the metropolis Singapore, it is easily accessible by ferry. It is part of the Riau Islands archipelago in the South China Sea.

The capital city of Nagoya is particularly lively in terms of nightlife; it is one of the most visited tourist cities on Batam Island.

How to get to Batam

Thanks to its many ports and marinas, Batam is well connected to the other islands of Indonesia and especially easily accessible by ferry from Singapore. In fact, among the most popular routes are those from the port of Tanah Merah to Nongsapura.

Ferries to Nongsa Pura

Ferries to Batam arrive at the Nongsa Pura tourist pier after about 40 to 45 minutes of sailing. The route is short and popular, moving from the skyscrapers of Singapore to this smaller island famous for its nightlife.

Batam Fast Ferry is the most active shipping company on the
Tanah Merah – Nongsa Pura route.
, has ferries and speedboats that save time. In fact, by speedboat, the trip takes less than half an hour.

What to do in Batam

Once in Nongsa Pura, tourists can begin to relax. The beaches around the terminal are beautiful as in all the islands of Indonesia. The activities that can be done in Batam are numerous and very fun.

The Marina Resort in Nogsa Pura offers many opportunities to relax, socialize, and enjoy Indonesian and international food. In addition, throughout Batam Island there are also many resorts with private beaches where speedboats and jet skis can be rented. Snorkeling and diving are two popular disciplines for tourists to Indonesia’s destinations. Finally, it is also possible to refresh oneself from the exertions of travel by taking advantage of the many popular spas and massage centers in Nongsa Pura and Nagoya.

How to book ferries to Batam

Traveling between Singapore and Indonesia is quite easy. Especially Batam Island is easy to reach by ferry given the short distance.

Booking early, in any case, is always the best option to avoid misunderstandings and wasted time. The Ferryfinder search engine is the best solution for booking ferry tickets to Nongsa Pura. Through the booking form, buying a ticket is simple and secure, plus the advantage of finding the best deals.