Ferries to Ponza: June 20 celebration of the island


Do not make appointments for the day on Thursday, June 20, indeed if you plan to visit the island of Ponza you should mark this date on your calendar: San Silverio, the feast day of the island’s patron saint., the best day to discover the most beautiful island of the Pontine Islands, Ponza a jewel of the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is a date that Ponza residents and island lovers look forward to all year long, a special day that, in fact, kicks off the magical Ponza summer.

How to get to Ponza

The main ferry routes to Ponza and the mainland depart from Terracina, San Felice Circeo, Anzio, Formia and Naples, it must be considered that it will certainly be good to book in advance, St. Silver’s Day being in a period of high tourist flow. The links are managed by

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San Silverio, the procession and all the boats at sea

If there is one place where tradition blends harmoniously with the salty smell of the sea, it is definitely the island of Ponza. Especially the feast of the patron saint St. Silverio, is a unique celebration that embodies the vibrant and authentic spirit of this island.

The Festivities open with the solemn religious procession that winds its way through the narrow alleys of Ponza Island, past colorful houses and flower-decked balconies. The atmosphere is made even more evocative by the lights with which the whole town is decorated and by the island women who, wearing traditional Ponza dresses, throw rose petals on the crowd that devoutly follows the statue of St. Silverio. The sound of bells mingling with the singing of the faithful adds that touch of mysticism that makes the atmosphere very atmospheric.

The boat procession between ritual and seafaring tradition

But it is in the most picturesque and authentic part of the island that the festival really comes alive. The
port of Ponza
is the beating heart of the event with hundreds of festively decorated boats gently rocking on the waves. Fishermen decorate boats with colorful lights and banners waving in the wind, creating a magical atmosphere that enchants anyone lucky enough to witness it. Traditional music accompanies the festivities, with sounds of guitars, tambourines and accordions filling the air with cheer.

Sunset to Frame: Sunset over Ponza

Ferries to PonzaThe beauty of Ponza is the perfect blend of folklore and nightlife that characterizes the island; June 20, the feast of St. Silverio, Ponza’s patron saint, is more than a religious festival; it is also the beginning of Ponza’s summer. As the sun sets, the squares turn into spontaneous dance floors, and ii deejay sets from trendy clubs begin to take the place of traditional music. You have an aperitif and enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world, while waiting for the fireworks at the Bourbon Harbor. You never stop until late at night, because Ponza’s passion and energy are contagious.


Ports of departure: all routes to Ponza

For this travel idea, we selected from the search engine Ferryfinder the 4 most popular routes to reach Ponza from the coasts of Lazio and Naples. These routes are traveled by several carriers with such regularity that they also allow same-day round trips. From Terracina, Formia, and San Felice the trip takes about 2 1/2 hours; from Naples, on the other hand, it takes longer, up to 4 hours by regular ferry, much less if you travel aboard the fast ships.

Booking ferries to Ponza

Booking ferries to Ponza is a quick and easy task. Simply log on to the Ferryfinder website and fill out the reservation form. The search engine, connected in real time with the databases of shipping companies will find all travel solutions with relevant offers. Through a few intuitive steps you can buy your ticket at the cheapest price on the market.