How to get to Ibiza: ferries from Denia


How long does it take to reach Ibiza by ferry from Spain? Ferries from Denia to Ibiza take 2 hours and 15 minutes to reach the Balearic island.

How to get to Ibiza by ferry


ferries to Ibiza

from the mainland depart from Barcelona, from Valencia and from Denia. In contrast, from the other islands Balearics it is also possible to reach Ibiza from Formentera and Palma. Ibiza, of course, is very well connected, with all these destinations from the shipping companies that transport millions of tourists in love with this beautiful island every year.

The shortest route to Ibiza

From Valencia, ferries to Ibiza take 5.7 hours, from Barcelona about 9 hours, and from Denia about 2 hours and 15 minutes. Denia, in fact, is one of the closest ports to the Balearic Islands and therefore, since the route is shorter, the crossing takes less time.


Denia – Ibiza route

, it is basically the fastest way to reach Ibiza from the coast of Spain by ferry. Actually there would also be the option of flying by plane,landing directly at the Eivissa – Ibiza airport.

How to get to Denia

is a charming seaside town on the
Costa Blanca
, overlooking the Mediterranean right across from the Balearic Islands. It is a port city, frequented by tourists coming and going from Ibiza, Formentera and Palma. From here, ferries leave daily for Ibiza loaded with tourists, who at the end of their vacation, will return to take the road home or enjoy a few more days at the beach.

Denia has no airport; it is only 84 km from that of Alicante – Elche ALC and 88 km from that of Valencia. Once landed in Alicante or Valencia, shuttle buses are available to Denia in about 2 hours and 50 minutes.

Tips for those traveling by car

Denia is connected by the famous Autopista del Mediterraneo AP-7 that passes through both Barcelona (462 km) and Valencia (122 km) so it can also be reached by car. However, we would advise those who wish to continue to Ibiza by boarding their vehicle on the ferries to inquire about traffic restrictions in the Balearic Islands.

For a number of years , Ibiza and Formentera, have been implementing particularly eco friendly regulations regarding the movement of polluting vehicles on their municipal roads.

Denia to Ibiza Ferry Reservations

Lhe Denia – Ibiza route is a good fast option for reaching Ibiza by ferry From the Costa Blanca of Spain. This is an alternative to the routes from Valencia and the much longer routes from Barcelona. Given the very large influx of tourists to Ibiza, Formentera and other Balearic destinations, reservations are required throughout the year. The main operators along these routes are.


, G.N.V. and Trasmed.

To book ferries to Ibiza simply search for the desired route on the Finderferry search engine and fill out the form. Through a few simple steps, it will be possible to purchase tickets with maximum security and transparency. Ferryfinder is connected in real time with all databases of shipping companies, and will show all possible travel solutions at the cheapest price in the market and all valid offers. All that will be left for you to do is to choose the right course for you and set off.

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