Ferries to Corfu: the route from Brindisi


Ferries on the Brindisi – Corfu route are a popular option for visiting Corfu and the Ionian Islands. It is always one of the most popular routes on the Ferryfinder website to a major destination in Greece.

How to reach Corfu?

Thanks toGiovanni Capodistria International Airport, Corfu is well connected by air to several locations in Europe and Greece. Although direct flights by air are the fastest option, the other most frequently used way To reach Corfu is by ferry from Italy or the coasts of Greece or Albania.

Ferries to Corfu

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Ferries to Corfu

you will find all the information you need to reach Corfu. In fact, there are several routes to this destination in Greece.
Grimaldi Lines and A-Ships Management SA., Anek Superfast, Minoan Lines, Ventouris Ferries are some of the operators that run ferries to Corfu. The following is a list of the most popular routes
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so Corfu:

  • Bari Ferries
  • Brindisi Ferries
  • Ancona Ferries
  • Venice Ferries
  • Igoumenitsa Ferries
  • Saranda Ferries

Brindisi – Corfu Route

Ferries to Corfu departing from Brindisi are one of the best ways to reach Corfu.
The Brindisi – Corfu route
takes about 10 hours on conventional ferries, or 6 to 8 hours on hydrofoils and fast ferries. Grimaldi Lines and A-Ships Management SA are the two operators handling this route. Although, during summer and peak flow periods, ferries to Corfu increase in number and frequency.

Going on a trip to Corfu

In conclusion, Corfu is a perfect vacation destination for everyone. Reaching Corfu is very easy, either by plane or ferry. Direct flight by plane is convenient for speed, but ferry travel is an unforgettable experience and equally convenient. Being able to board one’s own vehicle on board the ferries also offers an unquestionable advantage once one reaches Corfu. Being able to move freely with one’s own means of transportation significantly increases the potential of the vacation.

Reservations are recommended as on all routes to Greece especially in the warm months. Simply fill out the Ferryfinder booking form to access all available routes and offers. The Ferryfinder search engine, connected in real time, with shipping company databases, is able to show all available routes and prices including offers.