How to reach Vulcan? Ferries to the Aeolian Islands


The Aeolian archipelago in Sicily, consists of 5 islands of volcanic origin located in the Tyrrhenian Sea north of the northern coast of Sicily. the Aeolian islands are Lipari, Stromboli, Alicudi, Filicudi, Panarea and Vulcano. All coveted destinations for tourists from all over the world who dream of a vacation in this authentic paradise on earth.

Ferries to Vulcan

The best way to reach Vulcan and other destinations in the Aeolian Islands is by ferry. The most popular routes to Vulcano are from Milazzo and Messina, which are the shortest and fastest. Also popular is the route from Palermo, convenient for those reaching Sicily by plane. Finally, longer routes from Naples, Campania, and Calabria are also active.

  • Milazzo – Vulcano
  • Messina – Vulcano
  • Palermo – Volcano
  • Vibo Valentia – Vulcano
  • Reggio Calabria – Vulcano
  • Salerno – Vulcano
  • Naples – Volcano

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Ferries to Vulcano


How to get to Vulcan

Ferries to other destinations in the Aeolian Islands

Vulcano is also an excellent starting point for exploring the other islands of the Aeolian archipelago. Lipari, Stromboli, Panarea, Filicudi and Alicudi, in fact, are on par with Vulcano ideal destinations for a beach vacation suitable for everyone.

The Aeolian Islands, fortunately, are well connected by the ferries of the various shipping companies. Liberty Lines, Siremar,and other ship operators, connect Vulcano and numerous destinations in the Aeolian Islands on a daily basis. In addition, during the summer and peak season, routes to the Aeolian Islands and the islands of Sicily increase in both number and frequency. Below is the list of ferries to the Aeolian Islands departing from Vulcano

  • Vulcano – Panarea
  • Vulcano – Alicudi
  • Filicudi Volcano
  • Vulcano – Lipari

Booking ferries to the Aeolian Islands

In conclusion, Vulcano and the other islands of the Aeolian archipelago are an ideal destination for beach vacations. Given the success of these locations, the routes to Vulcano and the Aeolian Islands are always among the most popular. Especially during summer periods, available seats on board ferries sell out quickly so booking in advance is often necessary.

To book ferries to Vulcano and the Aeolian Islands, simply fill out the appropriate form in its entirety. Ferryfinder is connected in real time and to the databases of shipping companies so that it can show in total transparency the available tickets and all offers.

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