How much does it cost to board the car on the ferry?


How much does it cost to board the car on the ferry? That’s the question travelers ask when they have to take a ferry. Let’s start by saying that costs depend on the size of the car, the route, and the shipping company.

We have already written this article on car boarding on ferries, read them before planning your trip.

How much does it cost to board one’s car on the ferry?

As we have already written, prices for boarding one’s car on the ferry vary. It depends, of course, on the period, the length of the trip, and the size of the vehicle. Each ferry company also has its own fares, which may vary depending on the type of ferry.

Below we will give some examples to explain ourselves better so that all readers can understand. But before we begin, it is best to specify that these are approximate estimates. To find out the exact rates, simply make an estimate through the Ferryfinder booking form [Clicca qui]

Sardinia Olbia ferry prices with car

Starting from Genoa, for example, on the Genoa-Olbia route. Boarding your car on ferries to Olbia costs from 80 euros and up. Starting at 80 euros on Tirrenia ferries, 100 euros on Moby ferries or 110 euros with G.N.V.. Of course, in this case we are talking about surcharge related to vehicle transportation, which should be added to the ticket price.

Car ferry prices to Panarea

Taking the shortest route, namely the Milazzo – Panarea route, as an example. In this case, the ticket for an adult with a car starts at 170 euros. (July 2023).

Car ferry prices to Ischia

We will take the Pozzuoli-Ischia route as an example. Boarding your car on ferries to Ischia costs 50 euros ( from)

Ferry prices to Elba island Portoferraio with car

Taking the Piombino-Portoferraio route as an example. The ferry ticket to Portoferraio by embarking the car, starts from about 58 euros. To be more precise with Blu Navy 57, 84 euros , with Moby 65.79 euros and with Toremar 60.36 euros. Prices are for one-way for a single passenger and a Fiat Panda.

Car ferry prices to Corfu

Brindisi – Corfu
with Grimaldi Lines ferries. Boarding your car on ferries to Corfu costs 153 euros (from). Again, the estimate is realative to the one-way trip for one person and a Fiat Panda.

Useful tips for saving money on ferry ticket

As you may have noticed, the cost of boarding vehicles on ferries varies widely depending on conditions. There are some tricks to spend less.

  • Since traveling by car, start from the place closest to the destination, also calculating travel expenses. For example, if from Brindisi to Corfu the price is 153 euros (indicative) from Ancona to Corfu would cost 207 euros.
  • Embark the smallest car you have. On the ticket booking form you will need to indicate the model of your car, you will notice that the price varies greatly depending on the size.
  • Beware of local traffic regulations. Some destinations, especially islands, enforce restrictions on the movement of motor vehicles. Ibiza and Formentera, for example, provide motor traffic blocks during the summer. In this case, transporting the car may not be a good idea.