When it pays to book the ferry


As vacations become more and more expensive, many people now prefer to avoid going during peak season, but it is not always possible to choose the vacation time. However, there are some tricks to save money. Especially understanding when (and on which days) it is worthwhile to book the ferry ticket.

Booking the ferry in advance always pays off. Especially in Thailand, Asia, the Caribbean and Africa

First of all, let’s make it clear right away that it always pays to book the ferry in advance, especially when traveling to exotic places far from Italy, to avoid the annoying loss of time.

In fact, many travelers recount in their accounts of misadventures and mishaps with some shipping companies in Thailand, Malaysia, the Caribbean and parts of Africa.

Difficulty in understanding languages well, lack of organization, and lack of transparency, to put it mildly, sometimes create annoying misunderstandings about ticket prices at the very moment of boarding.

Obviously, to avoid these unpleasant situations the first thing is to rely on serious and well-known operators. For example, it might be helpful to the traveler to read this article on the 6 Operators in Thailand who will never leave you stranded. In addition, showing up for boarding with the ticket already purchased in advance will avoid any kind of problem.

When it pays to book a ticket to Elba Island, Sardinia and other Mediterranean destinations

Even when traveling to safer vacation spots, such as Italian islands or other classic Mediterranean destinations, it pays to book the ferry in advance. Especially to find the lowest prices and best deals.

As for Elba Island and Sardinia, it is convenient to book the ticket even 5 or 6 months in advance. Some shipping companies, such as Moby Lines, for example, raise ticket prices as ferries fill up to maximum capacity.

Toremar, on the other hand has a policy of fixed prices depending on the season, which, however, increase on weekends. In this case, it is convenient to book ferry tickets to Elba Island, avoiding weekend departures.

Finally, for all the most popular Mediterranean destinations, it would be a good idea to go on vacation in the months of May/June or September, when temperatures are still summer, but you are out of the high season.

Best days to book the ferry

As with flights, ferry tickets are best booked Tuesday through Thursday/Friday mornings. Prices tend to go up on weekends, plus there is a chance to scout first for deals

Compare the best ferry search engines on the internet

Playing in advance, planning your vacation early, also offers the advantage of being able to explore the Web more leisurely in search of the best ferry sites. Start making quotes long before departure and you can figure out which search engines are the most convenient.

Ferryfinder is definitely the most convenient solution that saves the most on ferry fares. Being directly connected with the databases of all major shipping companies, Ferryfinder will always offer the lowest prices and all offers in real time. It will be impossible to find a cheaper ferry elsewhere, compare to believe.

The savings are not only in the price of the ferry. The experience and expertise of the operators also make a difference when it comes to travel arrangements, options for possible nights aboard the ferries, travel, etc.

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