How to get to Malta: ferries from Genoa


Malta is one of the most popular destinations for tourists who choose to spend their vacations by the sea. Bathed in the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea, it is the ideal destination for a vacation suitable for everyone.

Ferries to Malta

The ferry is the ideal way to reach Malta, especially for those travelers who need to board their own vehicle. Although it can also be reached by air, thanks to the International Airport, the ferry crossing is a convenient and safe way to get to your destination.

The Genoa to Malta (Valletta) route.

There are several routes to reach the island by ferry, the

Genoa – Malta route

is certainly the best option for those departing from Northern Italy or Continental Europe.

The ferry from Genoa to Malta (Valletta ) takes about 22 hours. Times are cut in half with fast ships.

Vehicle boarding on ferries to Malta (Valletta).

The possibility of boarding one’s own vehicle, is one of the main reasons why travelers choose the ferry to reach Malta. Of course, cars, RVs and motorcycles are allowed on all ferries to Malta.

To board your vehicle on the ferries, simply declare the model and license plate when making your reservation. You will also be required to go to the port of departure in advance to allow for boarding operations.

We have already written some articles on vehicle boarding, if you have any doubts we suggest you read them in the

useful tips section of this blog.

Camping on Board on the Genoa – Malta (Valletta) route.

Camping on Board is a popular option among campers. The formula allows you to spend the night in your own camper or caravan. Shipping companies operating on the Genoa-Malta route generally promote this option.

Genoa - Malta routeGenoa – Malta Valletta Ferry Operators

The list of shipping companies operating on the Genoa Malta route is constantly being updated and may change during peak season months. Grandi Navi Veloci is one of the main operators on the Genoa-Malta Valletta route.

How to book the Genoa – Malta route ferry

Booking ferries to Malta is a very simple and secure operation. On the Ferryfinder you will find all possible travel solutions with real-time updated prices and schedules, including offers. Choose the most convenient route and fill out the reservation form. You will receive a ticket and boarding instructions via email directly from the Navigation Company.

In conclusion, reaching Malta by ferry from Genoa is both a convenient and exciting travel option. If you love sailing, it is a wonderful trip.


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