Milazzo – Vibo Valentia route: ferries to Calabria


Many travelers choose the
Milazzo – Vibo Valentia route
to reach Calabria from Sicily while avoiding the Strait of Messina.

Route Milazzo – Vibo Valentia

This route is one of the most popular on the Ferryfinder website, allowing you to reach Vibo Valentia by ferry from Milazzo. The crossing takes about 2.3 hours aboard conventional ferries, less if you board a hydrofoil.

Many travelers choose the ferry between Milazzo and Vibo Valentia instead of the plane, convinced by the possibility of boarding their vehicle. It is also a viable alternative for bypassing the Strait of Messina.

How to board your vehicle on the ferry from Milazzo to Vibo Valentia

Reservations are required to board your vehicle, car, RV or motorcycle, on the ferries. It will be sufficient to indicate the model and license plate to obtain a boarding pass.

Once you purchase your ticket through Ferryfinder, the shipping companies will email (or whatsapp) you the ticket, boarding pass, and instructions for boarding your vehicle. You will need to go to embarkation in advance to allow for loading on board.

Finally, if you have any other doubts about vehicle boarding on ferries, we recommend that you read this article.

Milazzo - Vibo Valentia FerryLiberty Lines ferries between Sicily and Calabria

Liberty Lines is one of the major shipping companies that ply the Milazzo – Vibo Valentia route. However, the list of operators is constantly being updated and varies according to periods of higher or lower flow of travelers.

How to book the ferry Milazzo – Vibo Valentia

Since this is a popular route, it is advisable to book in advance. Booking ferries through Ferryfinder is a simple and intuitive operation. The internal search engine shows all possible travel solutions with schedules and prices including all offers. Simply fill out the booking form to receive, in real time, the ticket directly from the shipping companies.

In conclusion, taking a ferry from Milazzo to Vibo Valentia is a convenient travel option to reach Calabria.

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